Jennifer Kim Sohn

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Family Ties


In Toxic Habits deformed frogs, made of cotton remnants and suspended in soda bottles, are displayed in lab-like archetype. In this piece I examined cotton processing, a fiber often advertised as the natural fiber. When processed commercially, the extensive fertilizer and pesticides use as well as chemical dyes all contribute to extinction of vulnerable animals.  Fragile Package: The frogs are canaries in the mine when it comes to gauging the environmental hazards. Packaging is another area that we, consumers, can make sizable impact to reduce the carbon footprint for our fragile ecosystem.

In Give and Take, the marks that make up the two hands are various corporate logos from the oil and automotive industries. The graceful gesture of the hands is a satirical comment on the symbiotic relationship between the two industries that often prioritize corporate interest over the public wellbeing.

Lost Tribe