My Sisters, My Brothers


I offer my work as a platform for discussion of the challenging social issues of out time: Power Imbalance. I believe that small but sustained changes in our habits both as a consumer and in social interactions with one another are the tools for paradigm change, and I hope to invite the viewers to stay engaged with the issues. In Comfort Girls, Paper felting technique called, Joomchi is used to make the Traditional Korean socks to depict the abuse of the conscripted gilr sex slaves during Japanese occupation of Korea. In Hand to Mouth, I drew the hand gestures of begging and the homeless using threads. In Walk in My Shoes, I‘ve photo-transfered the feets of animals in exctinction list on discarded shoes.   In Give and Take, the marks that make up the two hands are various corporate logos from the oil and automotive industries. The graceful gesture of the hands is a satirical comment on the symbiotic relationship between the two industries that often prioritize corporate interest over the public wellbeing.



Lost Tribe

Culture Shock

Family Ties